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Select Lifestyles ask Multifleet to run its whole fleet

Select Lifestyles ask Multifleet to run its whole fleet
15th November 2017 Run Your Fleet Blog

Select Lifestyles, the West Midlands based care organisation providing a range of care and supported living services for adults with learning disabilities, has called on Multifleet to manage all of its fleet.

Established in 2007, Select Lifestyles has steadily and successfully grown in the care sector and now has a well-deserved reputation as a leading, and caring company, providing community based support for those that need a little extra help to live a more independent life.

With success came expansion, including a growing number of company vehicles that needed to be managed, maintained and fit for purpose. It was decided in 2012 that help was needed to manage its vehicle fleet as too many people were involved, often making inconsistent decisions. This is when they called on Multifleet’s fleet management service, Run Your Fleet.

Due to this very successful working relationship, Select Lifestyles decided in August 2017 to move its fleet across to Multifleet’s fully maintained contract hire solution, with a mixture of company Transit vans in full livery, minibuses, some of which have been adapted for specialist needs, and an executive fleet of company cars, totalling 40 vehicles across their requirements.

All the vehicles have the added benefit of dashcams and telematics ensuring Select Lifestyles vehicles get to where they are needed when they are needed and continually deliver continuity of care to those who rely on their services.

With over 1300 customers and a managed fleet of 22000 vehicles, Multifleet provides a leading national fleet management service and vehicle leasing solution.

Les Trumpeter, Director, Select Lifestyles, said: “The main reason we initially employed Multifleet’s fleet management service, Run Your Fleet, was the ‘one stop shop’ approach it gives. Prior to accessing their services too many people were involved, making inconsistent decisions, and due to the size of the fleet, the management of it needed to become more professional and procedure led.

“When we came to review the provision of our fleet, because of the successful working relationship we have with Multifleet, we decided to move all fleet services across to them, including the acquisition of the vehicles for us, and the livery requirements we need for each vehicle. We have now successfully moved across to fully maintained contract hire, and see no reason why we would now not use Multifleet for all our needs.”

Luke Savage, Account Manager, Multifleet Vehicle Management, said: “Select Lifestyles were very keen to understand what we could do for them and how this would alleviate their problems. They also wanted to consolidate the vehicle management all in one area. By working in partnership, we were able to fully understand the needs of Lifestyle Services and deliver a solution that met their requirements.

“The major advantage of working with Multifleet is that we are able to offer everything needed to successfully run a business fleet. It goes beyond saving time and money, and includes duty of care and advise on future changes to fleet and associated legislation.”

It is important that there is an understanding of needs if a company fleet is to be successfully managed. At Multifleet a holistic approach is taken where the day to day activities and future plans of the company are understood. Then a fleet management solution that is fit for purpose is implemented.

Saving time and money, reducing and managing downtime, protecting Select Lifestyles deserved reputation, and keeping the customer at the heart of everything they do, Multifleet have enabled Select Lifestyles to keep their promise to their customers, to always be there, on time and in time.


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