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Risk Management

Risk Management

Businesses of all sizes have a legal obligation to ensure the safety of their employees when driving at, or for work.

The Health and Safety Executive makes no distinction between someone driving a vehicle on business or operating a machine tool in a factory. As such all employers must, by law, implement a risk management process for driving at work.

runyourfleet’s on-line Risk Management system ensures you meet these obligations quickly, easily and at low cost.

DVLA Licence Checks

The very minimum every employer should do.  It is very easy for a driver to retain a duplicate licence whilst the true licence has many endorsements.

Taking a photocopy does not ensure you have a copy of the genuine licence.  Carrying out a check directly with the DVLA covers this risk of course.

Licence Check benefits:

  • Regular checks to establish any changes
  • Number of endorsements
  • Ensure driver license legitimacy
  • Personal profile and driving history

Once the first check has been carried out, it is important to undertake regular checks to establish any changes in risk. We do this on an automated basis determined by the number of endorsements each driver has on his/her driver licence.

Driver Survey and Risk Assessment

A risk assessment should be carried out for each driver just as if that driver is the operator of a machine tool or any other piece of equipment in a place of work.

Within the Driver Survey and Risk Assessment, many factors are used to gain a holistic view of a driver’s risk profile, including:

  • Vehicle and vehicle usage
  • Work patterns
  • Collision history
  • Personal profile and driving history
  • DVLA licence check

Online Aptitude Assessments

Aptitude Assessment consisting of up to 6 tests – including:

  • Psychometric assessment
  • Understanding your driving policy
  • Understanding the Highway Code
  • Video based observation and risk assessments

Reporting Facility

All results are collated and presented within your online dashboard – giving you flexibility with any intervention requirements identified.

This system allows you to organise and monitor interventions that are right for you – according to your policies, budget and the needs of your individual drivers. A complete audit trail is then generated.

We find that the majority of drivers do not need additional training – saving significant costs compared to “blanket” training programmes often sold by our competitors.