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Return to Coventry – UK’s Motor City

Return to Coventry – UK’s Motor City
12th December 2016 Run Your Fleet Admin

Saw this on the BBC News website and wanted to share and support the great rise from the ashes for Coventry and it’s automotive industry.

This is great to see, Coventry re-emerging as the UK’s center for the automotive industry.

10 years ago saw the end of production at one of the last two manufacturing plants, Ryton, leaving an uncertain uneasy air within the city. It was this that prompted Coventry band The Specials’ Ghost Town release.

Now with the increasing investment and world leading research into the new technologies at the forefront of the automotive industry, Coventry once again looks to rise and become the UK’s ‘Motor City’.

Some of the leading lights in the development of these new technologies include the RDM Group, the Warwick Manufacturing Group, which is part of Warwick University and Jaguar Land Rover.

It is exciting to see some of the most cutting edge R&D happening locally to us, but most importantly for the UK as a whole.

The city will build on its heritage, and it’s reputation for an area cramed with inovation puts a whole different spin on the term ‘being sent to Coventry’.

For the full BBC article click here


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