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Pilot Assist – What is it?

Pilot Assist – What is it?
26th January 2017 Run Your Fleet Admin

What Is It?

In the first in a series, our Head of Operations, Craig Pullen, gives a brief summary of automotive technology terms.

Pilot Assist.

Pilot Assist is Volvo’s semi-autonomous (Level 2) system, which, using radar and cameras, provides assistance with lane discipline, speed adjustment, and proximity from other vehicles. It can be switched off completely, with the driver taking full control of all vehicle functions. Even with the system active, the driver retains ultimate responsibility.

Intended for use on motorways and main roads, it will steer, brake and accelerate in accordance with road conditions. The system clearly identifies when it is active by displaying a green steering wheel icon on the dashboard. When the system is unable to sense lane markings or preceding vehicles, Pilot Assist is set to standby, and the driver alerted audibly and visually on the dashboard and heads up display, where fitted.

Available in current, latest generation XC90, S90, V90, V90 Cross Country.


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