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Industry Update – September 2017

Industry Update – September 2017
5th September 2017 Run Your Fleet Blog

It is generally accepted in the fleet industry that by the mid 2020’s most business fleets will have a majority percentage of alternatively fuelled vehicles. This is no bad thing as our air quality needs to improve, as over 40,000 people a year die from pollution related conditions in the UK.

Following on from the announcement that the sale of all conventional diesel and petrol engines will stop from 2040, as of 1 September 2017, new real world emission tests came into play.

These will take into account any optional extras fitted, and these will have an effect on the real-life CO2 footprint of the vehicle. This may impact on the vehicle’s tax rate. These changes only affect new models released in the European market at the moment, in 2019 all new cars sold will fall into the new testing parameters.

September’s advisory fuel rates have seen a reduction of 1 pence in the amount you can claim back per mile on petrol and diesel engine cars. Those who drive a significant amount of business miles will be hit the most.

Interestingly, and great news for plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEV), recently announced in Fleet News, a deal has been agreed to roll out electric vehicle charging points across UK fuel forecourts with Motor Fuel Group who operate BP, Shell, Texaco, JET and Murco.

According to recent SMMT data covering January to July this year, there has been an increase in registrations of PHEVs of 4% compared to the same period last year, up by 10,599 units.

There is a growing shift in attitude towards this type of alternatively fuelled vehicle. Perhaps the realisation that future proofing their fleet is something to be planned for now, not 23 years down the line.


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