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How will the new Birmingham clean air charge effect your pocket?

How will the new Birmingham clean air charge effect your pocket?
12th February 2019 Run Your Fleet Blog

The new pollution charge could mean motorists have to pay in excess of £10 a day to drive within central Birmingham.

The proposal, that is likely to come into effect at the start of 2020, aims to reduce the number of high-polluting vehicles entering the A38 ring road. There are two reasons for the change:

  • Air pollution is widely regarded as a public health crisis in Birmingham. It is estimated that 900 premature deaths in the city are caused by this annually.
  • To encourage those that depend on motor vehicles to fit in line with European emission standards.

If approved, this would affect some diesel vehicles registered prior to September 2015 and some petrol vehicles registered before January 2006.

Check to see whether you will be affected*:

*The initiative will fit in line with London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone guidelines.


Using London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone as a guide, we can presume that the charges may be as follows:

  • Private cars: £6 & £12.50
  • Taxis, private hires and light good vehicles (vans): £12.50
  • Lorries / HGV’s: £50-£100
  • Buses & Coaches: £50-£100

The consequences for not paying the fine will be a £120 fixed penalty notice.

Vehicles will be picked up by automatic number plate recognition cameras, although charges will not occur if a vehicle is parked up all day and the engine is not turned on.

The money that is collected from these charges will be invested in more pollution initiatives.

Where does it apply?


All roads inside the A4540 Middleway ring road will be included within the clean air zone, all outside the circular route is not included.

For more information covering this, please see:


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