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Fleet Funding

Contract Hire and Fleet Funding


Contract Hire

Get started with Contract Hire.

We are able to negotiate funding rates which are amongst the lowest in the UK and we offer a choice of funding methods to ensure you can buy or lease your company vehicles in a way that works for your business. By utilising our extensive vehicle lease management experience and by operating a lean, systems-led business model, we pass on our low overheads to you the customer.

Contract Hire benefits – You stay in control:

  • Low initial outlay on your fleet funding costs
  • Fixed cost budgeting and efficient cash flow management
  • Off-balance sheet funding can improve gearing ratios
  • Improved tax efficiency through VAT and writing down allowances
  • Risk-free way of operating your fleet
  • Removes administrative burden of supplying, servicing & disposing of your vehicles
  • Switch vehicles your business owns to Contract Hire via sale and leaseback arrangements
  • runyourfleet takes all the risks connected with company vehicle ownership (depreciation, maintenance, residual value)

Our vehicle lease management expertise gives us direct access to contract hire and finance lease funding, and are able to search the market on your behalf for any other vehicle funding you require.


We provide a hassle-free, contract maintenance service and we take care of our customers’ company vehicle fleets.

Contract Purchase

Keeping your vehicles at the end of contract has never been so easy.

You can also return the vehicle to runyourfleet when taking a new vehicle.

Contract Purchase finance (often referred to as hire purchase) gives you the option of keeping the vehicle at the end of the contract by paying a final balloon payment. The balloon payment is determined at the outset of the contract and is equal to the projected future resale value of the vehicle at the end of the contract.

Contract Purchase benefits:

  • Improves cash flow with initial low outlay followed by fixed monthly payments
  • Own a vehicle by making a final optional ‘balloon’ payment
  • Customers can benefit from outsourcing the maintenance and disposal risk to runyourfleet

This is usually the preferred option of financing more expensive vehicles (£25k +) allowing your business to own the vehicle and therefore claim capital allowances. This is the ideal solution for companies that are unable to take advantage of VAT benefits of Contract Hire.


We provide hassle-free vehicle maintenance, Contract Maintenance Service and we take care of our clients’ vehicle fleets.


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Finance Lease

We understand business asset purchases can be expensive.

Finance Lease allows customers to repay the entire capital cost of the vehicle plus interest over a period of time (usually up to 4 years for cars and 7 years for vans) or agree a balloon payment to match the vehicle depreciation profile to reduce the monthly rental.

Finance Lease benefits:

  • Full operational control of the vehicle retained by customer
  • Capital cost of vehicle is spread – assisting cash flow
  • Majority of the economic benefit of the vehicle at the contract end is retained by the customer
  • Fixed monthly cost budgeting
  • Flexible profile and terms

Upon disposal, you will, in effect, be acting as our vehicle buying and disposal agent and as such you will enjoy 95% of any net sales proceeds that you are able to negotiate.

Whilst ownership will always remain with runyourfleet, you will have full operational control over the vehicles and their disposals.

Sale & Leaseback

Looking for Sale & Leaseback Solutions?

If you currently own your vehicles outright, runyourfleet can purchase your fleet from you and lease the vehicles back to you.

A Sale and Leaseback agreement can offer you immediate financial and operational benefits by transferring your vehicles into a funding arrangement. It is a tried and tested way to release capital for use where you need it most in your business and improve cash flow through fixed cost budgeting.

Sale & Leaseback benefits at a glance:

  • Immediate cash injection
  • Fixed monthly payments
  • Reduced administration

Vehicles are usually purchased at their prevailing market value or the written down value in your business books and leased back for the remainder of their normal replacement cycle.

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