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A wonderful place to be – The 2001 (Mk2) MG-F 1.8i.

A wonderful place to be – The 2001 (Mk2) MG-F 1.8i.
16th May 2017 Run Your Fleet Admin

This week’s car is the 2001 (Mk2) MG-F 1.8i.

In this his latest review, Craig describes the joy of owning and driving his much loved MG-F 1.8i.

When the sun shows its face, I like to swap the usual A4 for the trusty* MG-F.

This particular model has been in my custody since 2011, purchased from a friend of a friend, where it had been sitting idle for 10 months, unwanted, unloved.

I’ve always had a soft spot for MG’s, having owned a couple of B GT’s in my teens and twenties (most of my mates had Fiestas and Novas). Soon, the reality of classic car ownership caught up with me, and I tired of crawling underneath them every weekend, greasing “nipples” and other dirty-sounding stuff. So, when the opportunity came to buy this Longbridge-built, 2 owner, 64k mile sports car for £200, I snapped it up. At the time, my daily driver was the Run Your Fleet branded electric smart ForTwo, so I was desperate for some illicit, fossil-fuel powered thrills.

It was a non-starter, so I had it lifted to an MOT centre in the Run Your Fleet network, where, after our technical team had assessed the costs involved, she was fitted with new headlights, tyres, and a washer bottle. Then, following an adjustment to the parking brake, she was back on the road.

This particular car is the Mark 2, the final evolution of the F; the model was discontinued in 2002, when it was replaced by the TF.

On a country lane, with the sun out, and the rear-mounted 1.8 K-Series engine sending 120ps through the rear wheels, it’s a wonderful place to be, turning the ordinary commute into something more joyous. They’re a good blend of modern and classic, and with parts readily available, a fairly inexpensive way to enjoy top down motoring.

There are the usual creature comforts; electric windows and mirrors; power steering; 6 speaker stereo; ABS and airbag (singular), but there’s an honesty to this car; the only reminder you’ll get that you’ve left the lights on is when you try to start it, and it won’t. If you’re waiting for the wipers to turn on automatically, you won’t be able to see through the (tiny) screen, and you will crash. Being an MG, there’s an active owners club, if drinking warm ale and discussing Hydragas suspension with bearded men is your thing (it’s not mine).

I’ve driven 6,000 miles of not-entirely trouble-free motoring; the clutch slave cylinder burst on the M6; the alternator gave up one chilly December morning; I locked the keys in the boot. By virtue of the car being registered for the Run Your Fleet vehicle management service, I’ve been able to keep meticulous records of all work and incidents, and have them dealt with efficiently by Run Your Fleet’s breakdown partner, the AA. Servicing work, breakdown cover, tyres and replacement parts have been purchased at discounted rates, with technical controller back-up.

This weekend, with a choice between driving the new Ford Edge to Wales, or the MG-F, guess which one, I’ll choose? Yes, the Ford (rain’s forecast, and the MG’s roof leaks).

Every mile travelled has been with the peace of mind that being part of Run Your Fleet provides, so, if you have a car or LCV, see what we can do for you by following this link;

Cost (when new): £17,670.00

Purchase price: £200

SMR cost (PPM): £0.23


Author – Craig Pullen, Head of Operations, Run Your Fleet


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