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6 quick wins for better fuel efficiency

6 quick wins for better fuel efficiency
27th February 2019 Run Your Fleet Blog

A 6 step win-win approach to saving money on fuel whilst reducing our impact on the environment.


If somebody propositioned you with the following:

“I can save you up to a third of your fuel costs whilst significantly reducing the harmful effects on the environment”.

Would you change your behaviour?


It’s no hidden secret these days that human actions are having an impact on our eco-system and our long-term existence on the planet. Therefore, there is no better time than the present to start acknowledging our actions and do our little bit, however small, to make a change.


Which begs the question, why not start with our driving habits? We can save ourselves a lot of money in the process.


Let’s consider the following elements:

  1. Keep your car serviced

Keeping your car’s service history updated can both increase your car’s value when it’s time to sell and can also save money every time you use it. A well-tuned engine makes burning fuel more efficient, saving you money.


  1. Check your tyre pressure

Approximately 20% of your car’s fuel is burned overcoming rolling resistance, therefore a sure-fire way to ensuring money is saved is by making sure that your tyre pressures are accurate. We recommend getting a decent tyre pressure gauge – good ones cost as little as £10 – and check them weekly.

According to Michelin, doing so could save you as much as £4 per tank of fuel.


  1. Reduce weight

Another sure-fire way to save fuel is by reducing your car’s weight, so have a look in your boot and take out anything that isn’t essential.


  1. Be a smooth mover

It’s no secret that one of the biggest savings on energy can come from driving smoothly. By:

  1. Easing on and off the throttle gently
  2. Keeping braking to a minimum;
  3. Using observational skills to make smooth progress.

TIP: Leave plenty of space for the car in front and ease off the throttle whenever you can. Rather than braking and accelerating through traffic, you can save fuel by gently moving slowly.


  1. Drive off promptly

There is no need to let your car idle for minutes on end to warm up these days. Just keep the revs down until the temperature gauge shows your car has warmed up.


  1. Turn it off

Simply turning things off saves fuel. Your car’s air-conditioning accounts for up to 5% of your car’s fuel consumption so if you don’t need it, turn it off!

TIP: If you’re sitting in traffic, turning the engine off, even for as little as thirty seconds, can make a big difference.



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